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I'd be happy to create a piece just for you!  If you see one of my designs that you would prefer in a different gemstone, metal or size just let me know.  Whether you'd like something special for your wedding (or any other big event) or you just want your own unique gem creation, I'd love to bring your ideas to life.  Just let me know and I'll get right back to you so we can chat about details and pricing.


WHAT IS 14K GOLD FILLED? - This is an excellent alternative to solid 14K gold as it looks and behaves like solid gold but is much more affordable.  Unlike gold plated and vermeil, it won't peel or flake. 14K Gold Filled is made by a permanent heat and pressure bonding of 14K gold to a base core of brass. By law, 14K Gold Filled contains at least 5% 14K gold by weight and the gold is all on the outside (contrary to what the term "filled" would imply).  Gold Filled is available in 12K and 14K.  I use only 14K and the majority of my Gold Filled materials are made in the USA.     

RHODIUM PLATING -  Plating with rhodium is a process which applies a thin layer of rhodium over platinum, white gold or sterling silver.  Rhodium is a very rare and precious metal which imparts shine and durability when applied to sterling silver.  The rhodium helps sterling silver resist tarnishing and maintain its bright appearance.

CARING FOR YOU JEWELRY -  Jewelry is meant to be worn and enjoyed and a little care will help prolong the life of your favorite pieces.  Avoid wearing your jewelry while showering, swimming, exercising and sleeping.  Chlorine is especially tough on jewelry and sleeping in jewelry just puts added stress on your pieces.  Chemicals in hairspray, perfume, lotions and other cosmetics can damage precious metals and gemstones.  Put your jewelry on as the last step in getting dressed and take it off as the first step in getting undressed.

Store clean, dry jewelry in airtight bags (except pearls and opals which can dry out) and try to store each piece separately to avoid scratching. Anti tarnish jewelry bags are recommended for sterling silver. Avoid storing jewelry in extreme heat and direct sunlight as long term exposure can damage certain gemstones.

To clean your jewelry you can use a soft jewelry polishing cloth.  Most colored gemstones can also be cleaned with warm water, mild soap (not detergents) and a soft brush.  Use an extra soft brush on gems that scratch easily.